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Peak Performance

Tested against a multitude of sample formulas for odour, efficiency and flame vibrancy - our formula provides the best quality flame, with the lowest odour, with the longest burn time.

e-NRG bio ethanol is a high quality fuel, specifically formulated for use in liquid bioethanol fuelled ventless fireplaces.

e-NRG is the ONLY fuel suitable for use if you own an EcoSmart™ Fire.

Fast ordering & dispatch 

Available in a range of economical sizes, we offer credit card payment, and dispatch most orders within 3 working days.

We follow the Australian legal requirements for shipping of Dangerous Goods.

If you're in the area feel free to drop in and pick up!

10 years of experience

Made from renewable resources, e-NRG bio ethanol is clean burning and does not produce any harmful emissions.

With over 10 years experience in the ethanol fireplace industry- e-NRG was formulated because the Denatured Ethanol available to the general public was inconsistent in quality and odour.