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Fireplace filling procedures

Safety reminders

Please take time to review our
Operating Procedures & Safety Data Sheet.

  • Safety
    Do not fill
    while hot
  • Safety
    Do not fill
    while operating
  • Safety
    Do not fill above
    MAX line
  • Safety
    Keep away from
  • Safety
    Use approved
    Jerry Can
  • Safety
    Do not puncture
    flame arrester
  • Safety

e-NRG adaptor

Using our e-NRG Adaptor and Safety Nozzle is the quickest
and easiest way to refill your fireplace in minutes.

Attaching bottle adaptor

Attach the adaptor to the safety nozzle.
Buy an Adaptor now

Attaching the safety nozzle

Attach the safety nozzle with adaptor to the e-NRG bottle and ensure it is securely fastened.

Ready to approach the burner

You are ready to approach the Burner (the burner must be off and in a cold state).

Jerry Can

By decanting the fuel into an
approved Jerry Can away from ANY source of ignition.

Removing cap from bottle

Remove the cap from your e-NRG Bottle and the Spout from the Jerry Can.
Buy a Jerry Can now

Decanting fuel to jerry can

In a safe location, away from any source of ignition, carefully decant the fuel from the bottle into the Jerry Can through its opening, avoiding spillage. If spillage occurs, clean thoroughly before proceeding.

Re-screwing cap onto jerry can

Re-screw the cap tightly back onto the Jerry Can to contain fuel and avoid accidental spillage.

Jerry can ready to be used

You are ready to approach the burner (the burner must be off and in a cold state). Once the e-NRG bottle is empty, put the original lid securely back onto the bottle for safe recycling.

Video instructions using Jerry Can

Using your Safety Nozzle
How to use your Safety Nozzle
Using your Safety Nozzle
Filling your Jerry Can
Filling your XL Series burner
Filling your BK Series Burner
Filling your AB Series Burner